Signs to Help You Recognize a Fake Rental Application

Many people believe that it could be extremely tricky to verify a prospective tenant and their application. For one, the landlord or property owner must verify the renter’s claims. Some applicants may even submit misleading or incorrect information, such as bogus “prior landlord” or pay stubs.

However, there are ways to get around (or avoid) this mess. Regardless of how excellent the prospective tenant appears at first glance, thoroughly examine their application. Yes, you can recognize common ways in which candidates manipulate information.

Read on to discover some signs to help you recognize a fake rental application.

The Fake Landlord Citations

Tenants understand that you will contact their prior landlord as well as at least two references. If the tenant has a shaky renting history, they may provide fraudulent references.

In Brooklyn, it is not uncommon for a friend or family member to masquerade as a property manager or reference. It could also be a paid service. If not confirmed, this can appear convincing depending on the service.

The Employment Deception

This is also true for employment and income numbers. To qualify for a larger rental house, some tenants use clever tactics to misrepresent their income. Some tenants “prove” their income by printing pay stubs from the internet.

To avoid hiring fraud, cross-reference their employment application with their credit record. Round figures, discrepancies, and unprofessionalism are all red flags.

The False History of Criminal Records

Some applicants struggle to pass background checks. Some applicants may believe that you would not thoroughly investigate their backgrounds and hence say that they have no criminal past. A reliable background check service can easily discover this.

A competent Brooklyn property management company may do complete background checks and assure your compliance with Fair Housing rules as part of your service agreement. As a result, hiring a property manager may be beneficial.

The Unusual Social Security Number

A common method for falsifying a rental application is to use a phony or a child’s social security number. There are several reasons for this. The applicant may be hiding their credit history or do not have a Social Security Number.

Consider a few red indicators to spot a fake Social Security Number. If the credit history is non-existent or practically non-existent, the social security number is most likely false or associated with a kid. Investigate any contradictions you find.

What to Take Note of

To avoid false rental applications, hire professionals to conduct tenant screenings. Find a group that offers personalized, high-quality services. This way, you won’t have anything to worry about.


Perhaps if there are horror stories about landlords, there could be horror stories about suspicious tenants. While some of these realities are harsh, know that you don’t have to accept them. You can, in effect, change the course for you and your property. This shouldn’t be too difficult!

With that said, it’s time to get to work and brush up on your skills. Remember, this is all a part of being a good landlord and property owner, too. In any case, if you need professional assistance, call a reliable team to help you out.

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